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About Us

Wideway Today

We constantly challenge the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world.

WIDEWAY represents a key industry reference for innovation.

  • 2011

    Founded in

  • 80+

    Exporting country

  • 20+

    Exclusive agent

  • 1000M+

    Annual sales

Fast Forward Innovation

10 years of experience in the Premium segment for a global leadership in product technology.

  • Partnership with major car manufacturers for original equipment supply.

  • Leadership in innovative and green materials.

  • State-of-the-art modeling.

  • Development of flexible and efficient manufacturing processes.

  • Considerable investments in Research & Development.



Wideway works to create the PERFECT FIT for customers’ demand. From the specific requirements of all kinds of tires, to tailor-made tires according to customers’ demands.

  • Co-Design

    A synergic cooperation with customers to suit the dynamic personality of each their demand...

  • Prototype Development

    The creation of a base tire with a perfect interaction between advanced design activities and unique...

  • Tire Industrialization

    To ensure the high test standard of the product's quality, dedicated technologies...


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+86 185 0639 2258